A. Macchione Brothers Construction, one of the most highly recommended names in the New Jersey Construction business, is a proud family tradition. Family owned and operated, the brothers Frank Jr., Joseph, Steven and Bruce are well known throughout the state for their quality workmanship, reliability and honesty. At least one or more of the Macchiones is always on every job site to ensure your complete satisfaction.

After an estimate has been given and accepted, and should you choose A. Macchione Brothers Construction as your contractor for your paving job, you will be notified in advance as to the exact day your project will be started, and given a brief summary of what will be done in the day(s) to follow.

Upon arrival at your home, A. Macchione Brothers Construction crew will proceed to rip up the old driveway. The driveway will consist of 4 to 6 inches of 3/4" quarry processed stone. At this time, we recommended letting the stone sit for approximately 10 to 14 days, allowing it to completely settle before we come back to pave. We encourage you to drive over and park on the stone as you would normally do; this enables the traffic areas to compact, as driveways tend to wear most in these areas.

After two weeks or so have passed, we will contact you and advise you of the procedure of the asphalt application. We normally request that you leave your garage door unlocked with approximately 5 to 6 feet of cleared space in the front of the garage. We will also need the use of a nearby water spigot.

A. Macchione Brothers Construction requires no deposit. We request full payment upon completion of work. Permit fees, if necessary, are in addition to the estimate for work.

A. Macchione Brothers Construction includes a written three year warranty against potholes and/or displacement. This warranty starts the minute work begins on your driveway. All workmanship is fully guaranteed and A. Macchione Brothers Construction will repair, wherever deemed necessary, within 60 days of notification by you. A satisfied customer is our best insurance of continued success and all it takes is a phone call to resolve any problems that may occur.

A. Macchione Brothers Construction has provided references in your area, sometimes as many as 40 per town, so you can can see our quality work. We are known as the #1 driveway contractor in the area. Also, feel free to stop by our office to look at photographs of our past jobs. Remember, your home is one of your assets and proper care and maintenance will increase both its current and resale value. Before making a decision on which contractor to choose, check with your Better Business Bureau and look at other contractors' work done in your area. We are participating "preferred" member of the Better Business Bureau and there are no complaints against the company.

We are licensed in the towns that require it and are well respected with the Building Departments which we deal with.

Joseph Macchione
264 West Place
Washington Township, NJ
Steven Macchione
621 Hoover Ave.
Washington Township, NJ
Bruce Macchione
26 Hunters Court
  Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Frank Macchione Jr.
75 Central Ave.
Hillsdale, NJ